4 Dust-proof Ways of Cone Crushers

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4 Dust-proof Ways of Cone Crushers

Friday June 9, 2023 Comments 0
4 Dust-proof Ways of Cone Crushers

The working environment of crushing equipment is harsh, and a large amount of dust will be generated in the process of crushing materials. Poor dust prevention will affect the working efficiency of the crusher, destroy the lubrication system of the equipment, and reduce the service life of the equipment. Therefore, it is very important to prevent dust. Let’s take a look at the 4 common dust prevention methods of cone crushers.

4 dust-proof ways of cone crusher


1. Water seal dustproof device


This kind of dust prevention relies on the annular water supply groove on the bowl-shaped bearing frame and the spherical ring fixed at the lower end of the cone drive body. The spherical ring is inserted into the annular water supply tank. When the crusher is working, the spherical ring blocks the dust and makes it fall into the water.


The sealing water flows into the water supply tank from the water inlet pipe and overflows to the external annular drainage tank after the water supply tank is full so that the dusty backwater flows out of the machine through the drain pipe.

2. Rubber ring——water seal dustproof device

Make rubber rings according to the inner side of the cone crusher drive body an

d the outer side of the bowl-shaped bearing frame, install the cone-shaped rubber ring on the bowl-shaped bearing frame, install the cylindrical rubber ring on the cone drive body, and ensure the rubber ring is in close contact with the cone drive body in any direction.


When the crusher is working, the cylindrical rubber ring rotates and swings together with the crusher, and the tapered rubber ring on the bowl-shaped bearing frame is always tightly attached to the cylindrical rubber ring under the action of elastic force. Thus avoiding the entry of dust. However, due to errors in manufacturing and installation, very little dust enters the water tank. Therefore, a water seal must be used to prevent dust.


This kind of dustproof is essentially two-stage dustproof. The material of the rubber ring must have good elasticity, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance. At present, there are few rubber plates of this kind. Using an ordinary rubber sheet or V-belt, the service life is very short.

3. Water seal——felt the dustproof device


Choose industrial felt with a thickness of 3-8mm, and fix the felt on the outer edge of the oil return groove of the bowl-shaped bearing frame of the cone crusher with a pressure plate. The height of the felt must be 3-5mm compressed. After installation, the felt should be poured with lubricating oil to reduce the abrasion of the felt.


This is also two-stage dust prevention. In the water-sealed dust-proof device, most of the coarse dust has fallen into the water, and a part of the fine dust flies into the area and is blocked by the felt, thereby preventing the dust from entering the lubrication system.


This method is simple, has a good sealing effect, and has a long service life. It has been verified by practice that after a few months of use, the bowl-shaped bearing is very clean, and free of fine sand and dust, the quality of the lubricating oil is basically unchanged, and the felt is intact.

4. Foam dustproof device

First, remove the dust ring on the cone-crushing bowl-shaped bearing frame, and clean the annular return water tank, then select a foam with an appropriate thickness (generally 10-20mm larger than the width of the tank) and cut it into a “mouth” shape. The height must be 20~30mm of expansion and contraction, and it can be fixed in the backwater tank with “309 glue”.

When the crusher is running, it relies on the elasticity of the foam plastic to always stick to the spherical ring, thus avoiding the possibility of dust entering.

Dust-proof transformation case

A mineral processing plant has a daily processing capacity of 1500t of ore. Its crushing system has two crushers. The spherical bearings of the two crushers are equipped with rubber dust-proof rings, and the dust-proof water inlet and drain pipes are welded on the bearing seat and are equipped with water seals dust-proof device to prevent dust from entering the spherical bearing and causing abrasion.

1. Problems with existing dust-proof methods


The original dust-proof structure is shown in the figure below. After several years of use, it has been found that this kind of dustproof method has the following disadvantages:


Because the moving cone rotates 18-20 times/min with the rotation of the eccentric shaft sleeve during crushing, and sometimes the synchronous speed with the eccentric shaft sleeve is as high as 300r/min, the rubber dust ring wears quickly. When the gap between the plate and the rubber dust ring is bigger than 1.5 ~ 3.0mm, a large amount of dust will enter the water sealing device along with the dust baffle under the driven cone, blocking the water sealing groove and drain pipe, and the dust will be deposited in the water sealing groove.


When the pressure in the clean water pipe is high, the water flow enters the oil tank from the return line of the spherical bearing through the oil baffle ring. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently disassemble and inspect the water seal device and replace the lubricating oil in the oil tank, which not only increases the labor intensity of the workers but also causes A lot of waste.

2. Improvement of dust-proof method

First, remove the water seal inlet pipe 10 and drain pipe 1 in the figure, and then seal the annular water seal groove on the spherical bearing seat 2 with calcium-sodium-based grease, relying on the spherical dust-proof baffle 8 and the lower part of the crushing cone The calcium-sodium-based grease in the annular groove of the spherical bearing seat blocks or sticks the dust to the calcium-sodium-based grease through the rotation of the body, thereby blocking the dust from the spherical bearing seat.

3. Use effect

Proved by use, the effect is better.

Water conservation. The 2 cone crushers can save 116.6t of clean water per day, 31482t of clean water every year, and nearly USD15,000 in cost.

Increase the amount of ore processed. It solves the problem that dust often blocks the water seal groove and drain pipe, reduces the frequency of maintenance, and extends the start-up time. The 2 cone crushers process 490t more ore per month and 4410t more ore per year, with an annual benefit of more than USD 3,000.

Save lubricating oil. After changing the dust-proof method, the oil change phenomenon caused by water in the lubricating oil station is solved, and 1620kg of lubricating oil can be saved every year, saving more than USD 2,000.

Power saving. Due to the removal of the water seal device, the start-up time of the 2PNL vertical pump is reduced, and the annual electricity saving is 72,900 kW·h, and the electricity cost is saved by more than USD5,000. In summary, it can save USD25,000 for the concentrator every year.

Under environmental protection and high pressure, do a good job of dust-proof treatment, which not only protects the environment, and saves resources, but also reduces production costs, reduces the labor intensity of employees, and improves the efficiency of the equipment.