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Quality Control

Each scale are our commitment to customers.

Advanced technology and excellent equipment are the guarantee of first-class products. We always combine technology and production to ensure standardized and scientific operation, steadily focus on core quality, pay attention to the details of our products, and make every effort to continuously improve every aspect of the technical process.

Machining Capability

Main machining equipment: 7 sets of 1.8-2.7m gantry milling machines, vertical lathes: 16 sets of ¢1.6m, 1 sets of ¢2m , 4 sets of ¢2.5m , 1 sets of ¢3.5m, 1 sets of ¢5m.


  • 100% According to Original Drawings
  • Manufactured Under ISO 9001 Quality Certified Program


  • Metallographic Structure Test & Chemical Composition Test
  • Nondestructive Testing & Ultrasonic Testing
  • The Third Party Inspection

After-Sale Service

  • Perfect Match, No Installation Problems
  • 1 Full Year Quality Guarantee Period
  • 85% or More In Stock Supported


  • Original Machines Refurbishing
  • Processing With Customized Drawings

Keep All Production Records

  • Last process to next process must be with paper and signature.
  • Keep all production records and testing sample for tracing 3 years