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Impact Crusher Parts

Rotor, Blow Bar, Hammer, Aprons Primary and Secondary, Aprons Liner, and Side Liners.
Main material:
high manganese steel, manganese chromium alloy, high chromium (Cr13, Cr20, Cr23, Cr26, Cr28, etc.), carbide, chrome, chrome ceramic, martensitic ceramic.

Casting process

V method, lost foam, water glass sand casting

This is the main part of the HSI crusher. It holds the blow bars and rotates at high speed, being driven by a pulley connected directly to the engine.

Blow bars, Hammers Wear parts inserted into the rotor which impact the rock to cause breakage. These can be replaced when they are worn down. There are two different options:
4 high blow bars
2 high and 2 low blow bars
Some older design crushers had a 3-bar rotor.

Aprons Primary and Secondary aprons are used to reduce rock down to the required product size.

Aprons Liners are generally fitted to the end of aprons (which are replaceable wear parts) to ensure the apron settings can be maintained.

Sideliners Sometimes called frame liners, are used on the inside of the impactor body to protect it from wear.

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