Conveyor Belt

Our can supply all kinds of conveyor belt, including Steel Cord Conveyor Belt, Sidewall Conveyor Belt, Chevron Belt, Elevator Belt, Rough Top Conveyor Belt, Bare Rubber Conveyor Belt, EP Conveyor Belt, Nylon Conveyor Belt and Cotton Conveyor Belt to our customers all over the world.


Fire resistant and anti-static properties which meet the most stringent safety standards in the world
Greater flexibility than press-manufactured belts, making it easier to trough and track when installed
A solid woven one-piece carcass with no risk of ply separation
Covers which form an integral bond preventing any form of belt denomination
High resistance to longitudinal tears
High dynamic and static vulcanized joint properties
Excellent retention of mechanical fasteners
High resistance to impact damage
Impervious to attack from acid, water, oil, bacteria and chemicals
High resistance to edge wear

Product Range

Polyester(EP) conveyor belt
Nylon conveyor belt
Cotton, polyester cotton
Steel cord conveyor belt
Crack conveyor belt.
Abrasion/Wear Resistant
Oil Resistant conveyor belt
Acid and Alkali Resistant
Cold resistant conveyor belt
Heat resistant conveyor belt
High-temperature conveyor
General flame retardant
Flame retardant conveyor belt
Antistatic Resistant
Sidewall conveyor belt
Tubular conveyor belt
Endless conveyor belt
Patterned conveyor belt