Conveyor Rollers

Material: Q235 for Pipe, #45 for Shaft.
Diameter: 60-219mm(60,76,89,102,108,114,127133,159,178,219,etc).
Length: 100-3500mm.
Sealing: Lithium Soap Type Grease, Grease Retaining Ineer Seal With Muti-stage Labyrinth and Retention Cap With Outborad Flinger Seal.
Bearing: Single & Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing 2RZ&2Z with C3 Clearance.
Welding: Mixed gas shielded arc welding end.
Painting: Ordinary Painting, Hot Galvanized Painting, Electric Static Spraying Painting, Baked Painting.
Application: Mining, Port, Cement, Steel, Metallurgy, Electric Power, Coal, Machinery and Other Industries.

Performance of Belt Conveyor Rollers

1. Good performance of self-lubrication , wear resistance and no caking. The surface of roller is not easy to scale .
2.Low friction coefficient and it is good for belt.
3.Flexible and smooth movement , and low driving power consumption .
4.Light weight , easy installation and replacement . Reduce the labor intensity and maintenance.
5.The labyrinth seals makes waterproof and dust proof effect more significant.

Brands Supported Include

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