What is a cone crusher mantle?

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What is a cone crusher mantle?

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What is a cone crusher mantle?

The Cone crusher mantle is one of the main components of the cone crusher, also known as the moving cone. The mantle is forged with new composite materials, which have the characteristics of super wear resistance, high-cost performance, and wide application fields. It is fixed on the cone body by the cone head, and epoxy resin is cast between the two. After the newly installed or replaced cone crushing wall has been working for 6 to 8 hours, the tightening of the cone should be checked, if it is loose, fasten it immediately.

Cone concave and mantle are mainly used in cone crushers.

Cone crushers are widely used in the mining industry, metallurgical industry, construction industry, road construction industry, chemical industry, and silicate industry. It is suitable for crushing hard and medium-hard ores and rocks, such as iron ore, limestone, copper ore, quartz, granite, sandstone, etc. A cone crusher has the characteristics of a large crushing force, high efficiency, high processing capacity, low operating cost, convenient adjustment, and economic use.


Due to the reasonable material selection and structural design of the parts, the service life is long, and the particle size of the crushed product is uniform, which reduces the circulating load. In the medium and large-size crushers, the hydraulic cavity cleaning system is adopted to reduce downtime. The crusher has many cavities, and users can choose different cavities according to different needs to better meet the needs of users. The seal of the cone crusher adopts a grease seal, which avoids the disadvantages of easy clogging of the water supply and drainage system and the defect of easy mixing of water and oil. The spring safety system is an overload protection device that can trap foreign objects and iron blocks through the crushing cavity without harming the crusher.


Mantle and concave, one is moving and one is fixed, playing the role of crushing the quarry, which are important parts of the operation of the cone crusher. They are also the most severe part of the loss. Concave and mantles are available in various materials (Mn13, Mn18, Mn13Cr2, Mn18Cr2., etc ), which can meet the different needs of different customers.


Cone crusher concave and mantles are the main factors that determine the size of the discharge opening. When the cone crusher is under load, the concave, mantle, and stone make circular motions, causing wear, so it is necessary to adjust the concave and mantle gap to control the granularity of the finished product. There are two types of crusher adjustment mechanisms: lifting block type and ejector pad gasket type. The adjustment is convenient and flexible, and it can realize step-less adjustment.

Types and models of wear-resistant concave can be roughly divided into spring cone crushing concave, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushing concave, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushing concave, Symons cone piercing concave, compound cone crushing concave, etc., and then the concave of each manufacturer of cone crusher is also different.

How should we give full play to the role of the cone crusher to extend the life of the concave and mantle?

Since the use environment of crusher equipment is mostly extremely harsh and dusty, so does the cone crusher. If we do not maintain in the right or reasonable way during using process, many kinds of failures will often occur, which will easily damage the bearings. Therefore, we must shake evenly during the use process, carefully control the particle size of the feed, and reduce or reduce the difficulty to crush unbreakable materials into the crushing machine, which will extend the service life of the equipment, and save cone crusher concave and mantle.